Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adjutorium - first, a disclaimer

Mchiha aka ; ʽAminjjate aka. (Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! in Aramaic.)

The only person who has any real business writing about continual prayer is the person who prays continually. I am not that person. With less absoluteness, I also say that the only person with any real business writing about ancient Celtic Christian practices is the scholar of the subject. I am not that person. So I confess to having no business writing about the ancient Celtic Christian practice of continual prayer. But I have not read anything about it elsewhere. I may be the only person available to write about it. You, the reader, undoubtedly deserve better than me. The subject deserves better. But if I am the best there is, then I will undertake the job with trepidation and prayer. Please pray for me.

I have a little intellectual knowledge of both subjects to bring to the task, and some (though far less) experience. However, I believe that I have something exciting and heretofore unheard of to say. I hope it profits you.

In Christ the risen Lord,
Fr. Sean

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Faded said...

If the only ones qualified to write about anything were those who had experienced it absolutely, we'd have no writing at all. Absolutes have... absolutely brought me nothing but regret. Absolute faith is the opposite of humble faith, I suppose, in one way of looking at it... Interesting post. I look forward to reading more, no matter how deeply involved you are in the subject matter.